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Theater of Liberation August 25, 2008

Posted by Media Camp in Saturday 1:00 – 3:00 pm.
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Did you know theater is one of the most ancient forms of media? In this workshop, participants will learn to use their bodies, voices, and movement to create strong images to tell stories in a powerful way. Games and exercises are based on Theater of the Oppressed, interactive theater developed in Brazil by Augusto Boal, and used internationally by communities working for social change. No theater experience necessary!

Facilitated by Omar Vargas and Tamara Wallace.

Core member of TheaterChange, Omar Vargas has developed, directed, and performed politically engaged theater since 1987, in his native Ecuador, Mexico, and in the US. He is also a company member of Miracle Theater, and a mime. He helped form TheaterChange/TeatroCambio in 2005, to offer theater to the community as a form of dialogue, empowerment, and action.

After a childhood of street theater, Tamara Wallace has trained in interactive theater since 1999. She was a member of Portland Art & Revolution, and later studied with Augusto Boal, founder and author of Theater of the Oppressed. In 2004, she traveled to Brazil to learn about the use of interactive theater in the Brazil’s Landless Movement, the MST. As a core member of TheaterChange, she works to offer ongoing workshops to help communities use theater to organize for social justice and a more humane society.


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